We at ARMONICCI are proud to announce a long-term climate commitment featuring: 


  • Carbon-neutral shipping.


  • Supporting the most innovative climate solutions in the world.


  • Funding companies that are proving, scaling and commercialising climate solutions for massive impacts long-term.


We would not be able to do all this without the help from you. For every order placed with us at we donate a percentage to fund climate solutions.



Below are some of the companies we are supporting to provide climate solutions.


Direct Air Capture

Pulling carbon directly out of the air, then storing it safely and long term.

  • Climeworks
  • Carbon Engineering
  • Noya
  • Sustaera



Reducing and offsetting emissions caused by transport vehicles.

  • Remora

  • Twelve



Turning carbon into a mineral that can be stored long term.

  • Heirloom

  • Carbin Minerals



Maximizing the world’s largest carbon sink and reducing ocean acidification.

  • Running Tide

  • Planetary Tech



Using organic material to create renewable energy and store carbon in creative ways.

  • Charm

  • Carbon Cycle

  • Carbofex
  • ECHO2



Using specific farming techniques that increase soil health and soil carbon.

  • Grassroots Carbon

  • Indigo

  • Loam



Planting, restoring, and protecting forests to allow trees to store more carbon.

  • DroneSeed

  • Pachama

  • Loam



Finding locations to permanently and safely store carbon that has been removed, captured, or sequestered.

  • 44.01



Injecting and storing carbon directly into usable products, like concrete.

  • CarbonBuilt

  • CarbonCure


With the help from you we will be able to help fund climate solutions, thank you for choosing us.


For more information regarding our climate commitment please contact us at