ARMONICCI... What's next?

ARMONICCI... What's next?

From a £150 bedroom start-up brand to featuring on Vogue House GQ and becoming a favourite among musicians and other celebrities, so what's next for ARMONICCI? Let's take a closer look at their plans for the future.


Expanding the Exclusive Italian Made Collection

ARMONICCI is known for its exquisite Italian made collection, which showcases the finest fabrics and impeccable craftsmanship. In the coming months, they are set to expand this collection, offering even more luxurious and exclusive pieces. From elegant garments to sophisticated accessories, ARMONICCI will continue to elevate their Italian Made products and push even further what it means to use the finest fabrics.


Refining and expanding the Members Club Collection

The ARMONICCI Members Club Collection has been a huge success among fashion-forward individuals who crave unique and limited-edition pieces. In response to the overwhelming demand, ARMONICCI plans to refine and expand this collection, offering a wider range of styles, designs, and colourways. Members can look forward to exclusive access to the Members Club, receive discounts and notification of new products.


Sign up to the Members Club here.


More Collaborations with Influencers/Creators

ARMONICCI understands the power of collaboration and the influence of social media in today's fashion landscape. That's why they are actively seeking partnerships with influencers and creators who share their passion for style and innovation. By collaborating with these trendsetters, ARMONICCI aims to reach a wider audience and inspire fashion enthusiasts around the world. You can apply to collaborate with ARMONICCI here.


Womenswear Collection?

ARMONICCI has already proven themselves in the world of men's fashion. Their foray into women's wear is an exciting development that promises to bring a fresh perspective and a new level of creativity to the industry. By combining their signature minimal style with a feminine touch, ARMONICCI has the potential to innovate women's fashion and challenge the status quo of womenswear.

So, is ARMONICCI really working on a women's wear collection? While we can't say for certain, the possibility is enough to ignite our imaginations and fuel our excitement. ARMONICCI's women's wear collection might just be the next thing in the world of fashion.


Pushing ARMONICCI Activewear

As the demand for activewear continues to rise, ARMONICCI is ready to make its mark in this booming industry. Their new activewear collection has seen a tremendous response since it’s release back in early October, and ARMONICCI are ready to continue its expansion into the activewear scene.

With these exciting plans in motion, ARMONICCI is poised to continue its growth as one of the most promising fashion brands yet. Their commitment to quality, innovation, and style is unwavering, and they are ready to take the fashion world by storm once again. Stay tuned for more updates and get ready to embrace the next chapter of ARMONICCI.

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